Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Double Bending Light and the Candy-Cane Light Rays

Photo date: February 28, 2016. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

I have recently been taking an incredibly strange series of photos that show a very weird set of transformations of the light from my TV set. You can see dozens of previous photos of this type by looking at this very astonishing series of photos.  Below are some more authentic examples.

The photo below shows the letters "MC" mysteriously floating out of the TV.

odd light
The next photo shows light from the TV making a sharp right-angle turn to the right.

right angle light rays
Below we see red light rays from the alarm clock making a turn backwards that makes the rays look like a candy cane...

candy cane light
,,,as you can see more clearly from this closeup.

bending light
Finally we see a double-bending of light. The red rays from the alarm clock make an S-shape.

double bending light
 Below is a closeup showing the effect.

S-shaped light

These photos were all taken while the camera was stable, as were all similar photos on this blog. The photos were flash photos with an exposure time of 1/30 of a second, using normal camera settings
(no "Night photo" setting).

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