Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Video Showing 100+ Mysterious Speeding Orbs

On this site I have presented two previous videos (here and here) compiling some of the 400+ photos I have taken of mysterious speeding orbs. Below is an additional video of this type. Each of these videos shows an entirely different set of speeding orbs.

No flying insects were observed by me during any of the days when these photos were taken.  Quite a few of the photos show undulating or sharp-turn motion of a type that neither insects nor birds ever make.

Almost all of the anomalies were photographed well away from the edge of the photo. Given this fact and the fact that I have short hair, we cannot explain even 5 percent of these photos as being a stray hair from the photographer or a photo of a camera strap.

We also cannot explain these orbs as dust, as all of them seem to be showing very rapid motion, but the average speed of an indoor dust particle is only 2 miles per hour, much too slow to produce the dramatic motion shown here. We also cannot explain them as insects, as the speed of an insect such as a house fly is no more than 5 miles per hour, and the objects shown here seem to be moving far in excess of 100 miles per hour.  The signs of motion include motion blur, "comet tails," and the effect photographers call ghosting, when multiple position states of a fast-moving object are captured in a single photo.

This video is best watched in full-screen mode (as you can do by clicking on the full-screen icon at the bottom right). I suggest watching with your speakers on, so you can appreciate the nice music by Lee Rosevere.

The photo below shows one of the photos from the video.

moving orb

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