Monday, November 28, 2016

She Saw Orbs After Her Neighbor Died

The following remarkable account regarding orbs comes to us from Jo Mooy:

Though I’ve seen Orbs in my photographs since 2003; I’ve also seen Orbs without a camera and witnessed them “powering up” when spoken to.  The most remarkable occurrence was two days after the death of my neighbor.  The lights in my house began to flicker on and off.  When I ventured into the living room I saw two very large Orbs near the ceiling. Realizing Kathy had just passed I asked, “Is that you, Kathy?”  At that moment, one of the Orbs powered up brightly and stayed that way for about ten seconds.  Knowing Kathy wanted to be with her mother who had previously passed over, I asked “Is that your mother with you?”  And the second Orb powered up.  Eventually, they both faded from view, but not before being documented by two people in the house.

Below is a speeding orb I photographed in the sky on November 26, 2016. We see a prominent pink aura.

orb aura

There was no fog, mist, rain or precipitation on this night. The air quality listed on was "good," with a rating of 33. The pollen count listed on was "low," with a level of 0.1.

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