Saturday, January 7, 2017

Can You Find the Two Mysterious Orbs?

Photo date: January 3, 2017.  Photographer: Mark Mahin.

Long ago I used to play a delightful game while reading with my two daughters, when they were only about a year old (yes, you can read with children this early, although at that age their attention span is short). The game was played with a book on which each page had a drawing with many details, and each drawing had a small duck somewhere in the picture. I would ask, "Where is duck?" The kids would look for the duck. If they didn't find it, I'd point to the tiny duck somewhere in the picture, and say, "There is duck!"

You can play a similar game with the photo below, which I took in Grand Central Terminal. Can you spot the two mysterious blue orbs in the photo?

If you're stumped, you can use this clue, although you really shouldn't need it.

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