Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Top 10 Moving Orbs of 2016

Below are ten of the most spectacular speeding orbs that I photographed last year.

Here is a very astonishing orb I photographed on December 23, 2016, as reported here. Note the sharp 45-degree turn near the top.  The photo shows about 10 position states of the orb.

speeding orb
Below is a photo I took on December 12, 2016, as reported here. Given how many speeding orbs I have photographed at this location (Grand Central Terminal), I can only interpret this as a speeding orb moving in an astonishing six-shaped path.

floating number

Below is a speeding blue orb I photographed on November 23, 2016, as reported here.

speeding blue orb
Below is one of the most stunning moving orbs I have ever photographed, which I photographed on November 23, 2016, as reported here.  We see no less than 4 sharp turns.

strange motion
Here is an orb I photographed on November 4, 2016, as reported here.  The orb has a pulsating look, rather as if it is moving around in different directions.

pulsating orb
Below from October 13, 2016 is a very clear example of a "string of pearls" moving orb.

string of pearls orb
Below from September 23, 2016 is another speeding orb resembling a string of pearls: We can see four different "pearls" in the "string of pearls."

spooky orb
Below from June 10, 2016 is a cyan-colored orb that seemed to be moving fast.

cyan orb
Here from June 2, 2016 is one of 40+ orbs I have photographed aligning with a flag edge.

orb on flag
The orb below I photographed on May 20, 2016 almost seems to be rocking back and forth in two different directions.

blue moving orb
The photos were all taken indoors, on days when no insects were observed.

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