Sunday, February 12, 2017

Her "Make Your Toes Tingle" Orb Veil Photo

I have a policy on this blog. The only photos I directly show (rather than just link to) are photos I took myself, which makes it real easy for you to figure out who took any photo you see here. But I am sorely tempted to break that policy to directly show this mind-blowing photo put up recently by Andrea Corsick.  You'll have to login to Facebook to see it, but it's worth the trouble -- even if you don't have a login.

The photo shows something most astounding: a kind of rainbow-like radial symmetry. A whole bunch of colorful wispy orb veils are arranged around a center point, like spokes of a bicycle wheel. It's kind of like looking at a daisy in which each of the petals is a different color, but much stranger.  (See here for similar photos by her, which don't require a Facebook login.)

Another awesome Facebook orb photo is this one where we see talented orb photographer Diana Davatgar somehow with a moving orb that seemingly has connected to her outstretched hand, as it was trying to do some paranormal "high five."

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