Sunday, March 26, 2017

Carbonaro Effect Meets Precognition Effect?

There's a very funny TV show I've just started to watch on the TruTV channel. It's called The Carbonaro Effect.  It's a combination magic show and hidden camera show. Magician Michael Carbonaro acts like some ordinary person (such as a cashier), and interacts with unsuspecting people, who are exposed to startling magic effects they weren't expecting to see. For example, in one show Michael is a supermarket cashier checking out someone's milk carton, and he transforms the carton so that it has on its back a "Have You Seen This Person?" image that matches the face of the very person trying to buy the milk.

Something very strange happened last night. I was watching an episode of the show I hadn't seen before, and for a few seconds went into my kitchen, where I suddenly had an idea for something that would be funny in the context of the show.  My idea was: Michael could put a frozen fish into a microwave, run the microwave, and then remove a live fish. I then came back to watch some more of the episode. Within 60 seconds the show had exactly the same thing I had imagined: Michael putting a frozen fish into a microwave, running the microwave, and then removing a live fish.

I have no explanation for this coincidence, and I'm very certain I had never watched the episode before. 

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