Thursday, April 20, 2017

Orbs and Psychic Healing?

Yesterday I was reading an academic book on paranormal phenomena (Varieties of Anomalous Experience) which discussed anomalous healing, among many other topics. The book states on page 363 that "during the time the anomalous healing takes place" it is not unusual to see "balls of great white light."

I did a Google search looking for "orbs+psychic healing" and came across the photo here, where we see a photo of a moving orb appearing while a psychic healer was at work. I don't know anything about the individual (who hasn't updated the blog in a few years). But I do know that the photo shows the "string of pearls" effect I have photographed 60+ times (as you can see here), in which we seem to see multiple position states of a fast moving orb.

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