Sunday, September 24, 2017

Beauty of the Baffling Balls

Photo date: September 23, 2017. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

The photo below shows two sky orbs I photographed in Manhattan.

baffling balls
There was no fog, mist, rain or precipitation on this night.

Indoor Enigmas

The photos below various anomalous orbs I have photographed over the past few days, some speeding, and some striped. The strangest one is the orb on the bottom left. Is that a smiling face we see behind the thick stripe?


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Was the Blue Orb Trying to Weigh Itself?

Photo date: September 22, 2017. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

The photo below shows a mysterious orb I photographed near a scale.

blue orb

Colorful Sky Orbs

Photo date: September 22, 2017. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

The photos below show two mysterious orbs I photographed last night.

colorful orbs

There was no fog, mist, rain or precipitation on this night.

Another "TV Precognition" Experience?

In the post here I described an astonishing event in which there popped into my head for some reason an idea for something that would be funny on a TV show I was watching -- the concept of magician Michael Carbonaro putting a frozen fish into a microwave, and then later removing from the microwave a live moving fish. Within 60 seconds the TV show (which I had never watched before) had exactly such a sequence of events occurring.

Last night something similar happened. I turned my TV to the Turner Classic Movies station, which was showing a 1984 comedy movie I have never watched before: This Is Spinal Tap.  A few seconds after turning to this channel, for some reason there pops into my mind a memory of a quote from the movie, in which a dimwitted character incorrectly said something like "Boston isn't a college town."  The memory may have come from a review I read of the movie in 1984.  About 10 seconds after recalling this memory, I hear something like this on the TV:

Character 1: We had to cancel the Boston concert.
Character 2: Don't worry, Boston isn't much of a college town.

Events like this (suggesting precognition) don't fit in with our existing ideas about how time works. But there are speculative models of time in which precognition could be occurring. For a discussion of one such model, see my post "Does the Future Splash on the Present?" 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Diana's "Cosmic Light Snake"

The very talented photographer Diana Davatgar has published many astonishing orb photos on her Facebook feed.  She gets an orb-related phenomenon that is very spectacular: what she calls the "cosmic light snake." Her photos of this show a huge number of small colorful balls forming into a variety of astonishing shapes, often snake-like.  Many of these photos can be seen by using this link, which may require a Facebook login (although it's worth the trouble, because the photos are spectacular).  The phenomenon she is photographing seems to resemble the mist-like thing called ecto-mist, which I don't have very much luck in getting, but which other anomaly photographers often get very dramatically. Diana's "cosmic light snake" may be a colorful form of ecto-mist.

On the very rare days in which there is fog in New York City, I have occasionally photographed natural fog orbs; but they look nothing like what is shown in Diana's photos of this "cosmic light snake."

A Speeding Striped Orb

Photo date: September 21, 2017. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

The photo below shows a striped speeding orb that I photographed indoors.  The camera has captured two different position states of a speeding object, and we can see a stripe in both of those.

striped speeding orb