Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A Speeding Striped Orb

Photo date: March 29, 2020. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

Below we see a mysterious striped orb I photographed indoors. See here for 26 other photos of speeding striped orbs.

speeding striped orb

The 5000 Orb Hole Pairs, Part 2

Photo date: March 28, 2020. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

I took the photos below while photographing only ordinary drops of pure, clean water falling in front of a black featureless background. On this day I got more than 1500 photos that almost all showed more than four orbs that each had multiple holes.  98% of these orbs with multiple holes had exactly two  holes: two holes in the top right of the orb.  The total number of clearly visible orb hole pairs I photographed on this day was far in excess of 5,000.

Below are some of the photos.

mysterious motif

paranormal photo

paranormal manifestation

paranormal holes

spooky effect

strange effect

strange repetition

strange anomaly

supernatural manifestation

enigmatic pattern

enigmatic effect

weird pattern

unexplained shapes

water drop event

water drop manifestation

water drop motif

unexplained anomaly

bizarre event

odd motif

orb repetition

recurring orb pattern

supernatural repetition

baffling repetition

paranormal repetition

water drop miracle

water drop motif

weird repetition

weird effect

double hole orbs

two holes in circle

miracle series

miracle repetition

miracle orbs

spirit orbs

miracle repetion

perplexing manifestation

perplexing repeats

perplexing effect

unexplained manifestation

pattern procession

motif procession

massively repeating orb pattern

orb miracle

pattern anomaly

Monday, March 30, 2020

Spooked Area?

Below we see an area of my humble apartment.

The phone is an intercom phone. On February 20 at 2 PM I was very surprised to find the intercom phone hanging down from off of its slot, something I had never previously seen in the many years I have lived in this apartment. The phone hadn't been touched that day.

The light is a very sturdy and reliable light that has always been directly plugged into the wall, a light that can only be turned on by a firm press of a button under the lamp shade. One day years ago this light turned on by itself while I was sitting motionless more than a meter away from it.  Today the light turned off by itself when I was sitting motionless more than a meter away from it.

When I saw this I thought the bulb might have burned out, but it hadn't. I felt the bulb and turned it a bit to the left. The light turned back on. I hadn't touched the bulb in months.

I then saw something strange. The light flickered noticeably for several minutes. I thought this might be the last minutes of the bulb's life. But then the flickering stopped, and the light went back to shining in a completely normal light.  I took a short video of the light when it was flickering, and when I watched that video I thought to myself: yes, the light definitely was flickering.

Postscript: Today, April 3, 2020, I again saw this light turn off by itself, when I was sitting motionless about a meter away from it. When I saw it turn off by itself the last time (March 30), I had been careful to twist the bulb all the way to the left, as far as it would go, which turned the light back on. Today after noticing that the light had turned off, I again was able to turn the bulb to the left to turn it back on. That should have been impossible, because I had turned the bulb all the way to the left on March 30.  Long story short, it's as if some invisible force turned the bulb to the right.

An Old Orb Documentary

At the link here you can see on youtube.com an old 53-minute documentary film entitled "The UFO Enigma of Flying Spheres and Orbs."  The film shows many examples of anomalous sphere-shaped objects seen on Earth and in space, beginning with the "Foo Fighters" often seen by World War II pilots.

Again, Breast-like Shapes in Orbs

Photo date: March 27, 2020. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

I took the photos below while photographing only ordinary drops of pure, clean water falling in front of a black featureless background.  On this day (among other things) I photographed some orbs with breast-like shapes inside them. The pattern appeared rather briefly, unlike a previous day on which I got such a pattern throughout a very long series of photos.   Below are some examples:

orb bosom

orb breasts

breast shape in orb

orb sexy shape

breast shape in circe