Sunday, January 25, 2015

Paranormal Photos and Videos By Others

Orbs have been been appearing in flash photos for more than two decades, and many people have put up galleries of orb photos. Below is a list of some other sites where you can find orb photos, orb videos, or photos or videos of other paranormal phenomena. Many of the sites include speculations about the nature of orbs, and these speculations vary in quality, ranging from the plausible to the far-fetched. Regardless of whether you think such speculations are valid, you can enjoy the startling photos on these sites. To find other similar sites on the web, do a Google search for "orb gallery" or "spirit orbs."

By providing the links below, I am recommending only the photographic content of these individuals. I may or may not agree with opinions they state on their Facebook pages, and at least one of these photographers states opinions (on a related Facebook page) that I disagree with.

Marion's Orbs One of the web's top collection of orb photos, with hundreds of spectacular photos. Highly recommended. Requires a Facebook login.  Click on the Photos link on the left, click on one of the photos, and keep pressing the > button at right to see the photos full screen. 
Marion's Orb Videos An alternate way to access Marion's photos (not requiring a Facebook login) is through this web page offering videos compiling her photos. Or click here to see a photo gallery of her photos. 
Orbs Are Everywhere A private Facebook group with some astonishing videos of moving orbs. Requires a Facebook login.  
Monika's Orbs May require a Facebook login. Click on "Monika's photos" after using the link at left. See this post for links to some of Monika's best photos, which you can access without a Facebook login.  
Orbs & More A huge easy-to-view collection of orb photos, with a very large collection of photos showing orb faces. Highly recommended.
Yvonne Scouller's Photos Use this link to see a spectacular collection of previous photos posted by Yvonne. This is one of the web's best collections of orb photos.
T. Gorman's Orb Video An 11 minute video showing photos of colorful mysterious orbs and mysterious ecto-mist.
Orb Goddess A spectacular 8-page gallery of orb photos. Page 1 (at this link) has some "orb veil" photos very similar to my own photos labeled "orb veils."
Orbs by Beans A large collection of photos of orbs. The gallery requires quite a bit of clicking to navigate into sub-pages, but there are some remarkable photos well worth the navigation effort, including many photos of moving orbs. The site is run by some serious and methodical investigators who have been researching orbs for years. They have included extensive notes on their photographs.
The Orb Connection This is an excellent collection of orb photographs, including a page devoted to showing some dramatic examples of fast-moving orbs.
The Synchronicity Grid A nice page of quite a few orb photos.
Randy Clark orb video This video has lots of comparisons of photo pairs, in which you might see 100 times more orbs in photos taken a few seconds apart. Such comparisons help to rule out claims that orbs are natural particles.
Benevolent Spirits A gallery of 60 orb photos, all on the same page. Orb Gallery A gallery of more than 700 orb photographs.
Galactic Facets A gallery of lots of orb photos on the same page.
Unexplained Mysteries Orb Photos A gallery of hundreds of orb photos.
Asia Pictures Net A gallery of orbs and also remarkable “plasma cloud” photos.
Flickr Dramatic Orbs A gallery of orb photos, without commentary
Klaus Heinemann, PhD Only a few orb photos here, but lots of orb-related text and links. This is from a site by a physics PhD and orb researcher who is one of the co-authors of the book "The Orb Project." 
Heinemann Orb Article This is a 9-page PDF by Heinemann which includes some dramatic orb photos, including a particularly dramatic photo of a moving orb (or perhaps several moving orbs in the same spot). 
Wispy Clouds This site has some large stunning orb photos, although some of the objects shown may be merely rain drops. 
Rozek orb video A fascinating 2014 video showing a mouse dying after being caught in a mousetrap. Just after the mouse stops twitching, we apparently see an orb rising up out of the mouse's body.
Heart Star Below the opinions at the top is a nice large collection of orb photos, many of them seeming to show faces. Many of these photos are similar to those on this site.
Mya Gleny's Photos This page has some good orb photos along with a large number of photos of ghostly mists or "plasma clouds,"quite a few taken during warm weather months.
Angel Orbs Part of a rather speculative web site, this page has some interesting orb photos.
Angel Orbs and Spirit Beings A superb photo stream showing many examples of the "orb veils" I often photograph on this site.
Multidimensional Energies A frequently updated French photo blog of orb photos, with many photos of what look like orb faces. To see the photos, click on the links on the right.
Orbs_multidimensionales A nice instagram collection of hundreds of orb photos, including some striped orbs like I so often get .
Swiss Orb Gallery A gallery of orb photos on a single page.
Paulding County Spirits This page has several good videos showing moving orbs.
Andrea Corsick's Photos Andrea has many extremely colorful  photos of orbs and the strange things I call orb veils. Login to Facebook before trying this link.
A Light in the Darkness This stream of 200+ photos has many examples of ecto-mist or ghostly mists. Keep clicking "Older Photos" to see all the photos in this series.
Dutch Light Orbs A very large orb site with many links to other pages of orb photos.  Scroll down to see the links, some of which go to many other pages.
Wendy Smith's Orb Photos A talented artist, Wendy has some remarkable orb photos sprinkled here and there in her photo albums.
Healing Guidance Orb Slideshow This page has a slideshow of 24 orb photos. Number 18 is a remarkable shot of a blue moving orb at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Janine Muhlebach's Moving Orb Videos Here you will find 17 videos of moving orbs. A good example is this one, where the 33 second mark shows a blue orb like the ones I photograph.
Diana Davatgar's Photos Diana's Facebook photos include some astonishing photos of moving orbs, along with many stunning photos of ghostly-looking ecto-mist, and what I call orb veils. Login to Facebook before trying this link.
Academy of Psychic Photography This Facebook page shows paranormal-looking photos (many of them orb photos) by various other Facebook photographers. Login to Facebook before trying this link.
Some German Orb Photos This is a photo stream showing remarkable photos of orbs and orb veils. Login to Facebook before trying this link.
Joanne Harper Orb Photos A nice collection of orb photos and ectomist photos.
Michael's Orb Video A video of colorful orbs. Also notable is this video of his showing a striped orb.
Patty Greer Orb Video This page has a 14-minute trailer for a 60 minute "Orbs and Light Beings" film by Patty Greer.
Orb Insights and Insprirations Some nice orb photos. Login to Facebook before trying this link.
Steve's Striped Orbs A great video showing many examples of striped orbs Steve photographed.  See also this video.  In this video we can see striped orbs at the 50, 1:26, and 2:21 marks. 
Oregon Colorful Orb Swarm Click on the link to see one of the most colorful orb swarms I have seen in a photo. The photo is from this site. 
Phenomena of Materialization A very large book by Albert von Schrenck-Notzing describing his four year investigation into paranormal phenomena produced in the presence of the medium Marthe Beraud. The books has more than 50 astonishing photos of the paranormal. Be patient when loading this link; it's a big book.
The UFO Enigma of Flying Spheres and Orbs A 53-minute documentary collecting many videos of anomalous orbs in the sky and in space. 
Pink Orb Following Photographer? An astonishing effect from the Sacred Grace channel. 
Orb Discoveries Tracee Gorman's site has many interesting orb photos. 
Striped Orbs Video An interesting video showing striped orbs in the sky.
Orbs and Other Creatures of the Night A long video helping to debunk the idea that orbs photographed at night are insects. 
Travel Channel Series On the TV series "My Ghost Story" and the TV series "Paranormal Caught on Camera" you can see many example of spooky-looking photos, including photos of orbs and ghost-like figures or shapes. 

Contact me by email to have your site of paranormal photos included in this list.


  1. I just photographed an outside blue orb that is unlike any I have seen on or site. I would love to get your take on it. How can I send it to you? its freaking me out a little bit.

    1. My email is, if you want to send me the anomalous photo you referred to.