Saturday, November 5, 2016

Two More Cases of This Recurring Orb Pattern

The top left photo shows a mysterious orb I photographed on October 14, 2016.  Below that on the left is an orb I photographed on November 4, 2016 at Grand Central Terminal.  The other four photos are orbs I previously photographed and described in this post and this post.  In all six of these photos, we see the same pattern: a stripe stretching down  from the top of the orb, with a circle feature underneath the end of the stripe. I call this the "hose and circle" pattern. It looks rather like a ball falling out of a tube.

orb pattern
This recurring pattern is one of only quite a few I have identified. The table below shows other examples of recurring patterns in orbs I have photographed.

Description Occurrences Comments URL
Inverted Y 6 Rather like the lower case lambda character, part of the Greek alphabet

Cul-de-sac 9 Looks like an aerial view of a winding road leading to a cul-de-sac.
Curved stripe at top or bottom 6 May be on top or bottom of orb
Diagonal stripe 6 Goes from one side of orb to another, diagonally. Looks like a slash (not a backslash)
Short diagonal stripe 3 Goes only one third of orb, from top right corner toward center
Hose and circle 6 Looks like a ball that has fallen out of a tube This post
Slanted C 4 Looks like a C shape, tilted over quite a bit to the right
Caret stripe 2 Looks rather like the caret character
Hook-like stripe 2 Has a kind of candy-cane shape
Curvy 9 which fell down 2 Looks like a curvy nine which “fell down”
4 stripes 2 Straight lines intersecting in a particular shape
Broken squiggly T 3 One wiggly horizontal stripe at the top above a vertical stripe at the bottom

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