Sunday, November 27, 2016

Still More Speeding Orbs

The photo poster below is a composite of 40 orb photos previously published on this site.  You can find all of the original photos by looking at my posts labeled "speeding air orb" between April  1, 2016 and November 26, 2016.  These photos all show orbs that appear to be moving very fast.  Open the photo in a separate browser tab to see the poster at its full resolution.

speeding orbs
No flying insects were observed by me during any of the days when these photos were taken.  Some of the photos show undulating or sharp-turn motion of a type that neither insects nor birds nor dust particles ever make.

If you look at the original photos, you will see that each of the anomalies was photographed well away from the edge of the photo. Given this fact and the fact that I have short hair, we cannot explain any of these photos as being a stray hair from the photographer, nor can any be explained as a photo of a camera strap.

We also cannot explain these orbs as dust, as all of them seem to be showing very rapid motion. Indoor dust particles move at only about 2 miles per hour, and the outdoor wind speed was never more than 20 miles an hour when any of these photos were taken.  But we see here objects that seem to be moving very fast, many times faster than 20 miles an hour.  The photos were taken with cameras that have an effective shutter speed of about 1/1000 of a second (that's for a flash photo, and all of these are flash photos).  All of the original photos were taken when the camera was held steady (with nothing other than the orb appearing to show motion).  Under such conditions, an object must be moving very fast to appear like the items in the photos above.

None of the photos showing orbs with "comet tails" can be explained as raindrops, as none of the outdoor photos were taken when there was any fog, mist, rain, or precipitation.

This is the fifth poster like this I have published. Click here to see the "Speeding Orbs #4" poster showing 40 speeding orbs.  Click here to see the "Speeding Orbs #3" poster showing 48 speeding orbs.  Click here to see the "Speeding Orbs #2" poster showing 49 speeding orbs.  Click here to see the "Speeding Orbs #1" poster showing 37 speeding orbs. Each of these shows a separate set of speeding orbs.

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  1. I just took a video of my dog and and an orb light flew across the screen!