Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Did We Both See a Rolling Coin Apport?

In her new book Good Grief, the medium Theresa Caputo (star of the television show Long Island Medium) briefly mentions orbs. On page 81 she says: "Spirit isn't shy about showing off their energy in photos as a blue haze, orb, streak or white, smoky cloud that I can't even sense until I look at the image. And sometimes if you zoom in on the orb, you can see a face!"  See here for 567 photos in which we seem to see face-like details in orbs.

Theresa suggests finding unexplained coins may be signs from the Great Beyond. On page 83 of the book, Theresa recalls an astonishing occurrence: "Then at a live show in Westbury, Long Island, a dime just appeared on the stage and rolled in front of me when I was giving my opening speech!"  This reminded me of something inexplicable that once happened to me.

One summer in 2014 I started to notice coins on the floor again and again in my apartment. My wife and children were away for the summer. Again and again I would notice a coin on the floor, and think to myself: how could I have failed to notice that coin if it had been in that spot all along?

Finally I decided to be super-careful about cleaning up any coins lying around the apartment. I would then take careful note of any additional coins I noticed. So I went all around the apartment, putting away every loose coin I could find. I then double-checked to make sure there were no coins lying around loosely anywhere in the apartment.

Immediately after completing this double-checking, I went into the kitchen to add some lemon juice to some tea I had made. While I was pouring the lemon juice, facing the oven, I noticed a penny rolling on the floor, coming from behind me, to my right. The penny was rolling on its edge. I have no explanation of how this coin could possibly have appeared with such a motion. There was no one else in the apartment. I had just finished double-checking that there were no coins in the apartment outside of coin containers. Given the motion of the coin (from behind me and to my right), there is no possibility it had fallen from a hole in my pocket. I cannot recall anyone in my family ever leaving a coin in the kitchen. I wrote up the incident just after it happened. 

The term "apport" is used for objects that seem to appear inexplicably. Since this event I have very many times noticed coins that are hard to explain. Again and again, I will suddenly notice some coin in some spot (usually the floor), a spot I had passed several times that day without noticing the coin.  In such cases I will ask myself: how could I have failed to notice that coin before?

Such a thing has been reported by many other people. If you do a Google search for "pennies from heaven" and "finding dimes" you can find many similar reports.

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