Saturday, April 1, 2017

She Photographed a Striped Orb While Investigating a Crop Circle

Regular readers of this blog will know that I photograph mysterious striped orbs with great frequency (I have photographed more than 260 such striped orbs, as shown here). I just read an article about crop circle researcher Patty Greer. The article has a photo of a mysterious striped orb photographed by Greer while she was investigating a crop circle.  The orb has an outer ring or "membrane" like I frequently photograph in orbs. Her photo resembles the orb photo I took below on March 31, 2017; in both we see a horizontal stripe stretching halfway across the orb, making a kind of "half belt" in the middle of the orb.  Which raises the question: are orbs and crop circles caused by the same mysterious reality?

On this page Greer has a very interesting film about people who saw orange orbs near a crop circle. She also has this beautiful photo of a multicolored striped orb.

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