Thursday, May 4, 2017

An Eerie "Bleeding Eye" at Grand Central

Photo date: May 3, 2017. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

The photo below (taken with my new Sony Alpha a5000 camera) shows the  area above the East Balcony of Grand Central Terminal in New York. We see two mysterious orbs. But we also see something I have never noticed before: two strange blobs that look like blood marks.

orb in Grand Central

 Below is a closeup of the strange marks. Notice how the one on the left creates a weird "bleeding eye" effect.

blood mark in Grand Central
After years of work, they finished completely refurbishing Grand Central Terminal in 1998, at which point the ceiling was supposed to be completely clean. So I was surprised to see these. The photo below (taken on April 3, 2017 with another camera) of the exact same area (also above the East Balcony) shows no such red marks.

I took dozens of other photos of the East Balcony on this night, and all of them showed these red marks, looking exactly as shown in the top photo. Since some were taken from different angles, it means that these strange red features must be physical features in front of the arch.

I can think of only one natural explanation: that the two red marks are red balloons. But they are not shaped like balloons, and I can never recall seeing a balloon with a blood-like color.  I will take more photos of this anomaly in a few days, zooming in on the feature.

Postscript:  Returning to the station, I found that the "bleeding eye" effect was actually caused by one or more blood-colored balloons -- the same thing I had suspected. What an odd coincidence, that a blood-colored balloon would rise to a point just underneath an eye-shaped structure, creating a "bleeding eye" effect. It's just as well there's a natural explanation, as a paranormal "dripping blood" effect would have been a rather ominous omen. The blue balls in my photo were not balloons.

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