Tuesday, May 30, 2017

4 Ways to View My Photos Mainly by Finger-Swiping

This site has thousands of astonishing photos you can view by mouse-clicking through the Blog Archive at the top right, or by mouse-clicking on one of the labels on the right. But nowadays lots of people have tablets, and just want to finger-swipe, finger-swipe, and finger-swipe some more. For such people, the following are various ways to view lots of my photos:

(1) I have 712 of my photos in a Google collection called Paranormal Photos. You can access it here. I add two photos a day to that collection, adding photos previously published here (although there is a lag, with a gap of several months before my latest photos are posted in that collection).
(2) I have added thousands of photos to a Pinterest board that I periodically update with new photos (I update that board about once a week).  You can access it here.
(3) The "Posters of the Paranormal" link from this site is a way to see 500 of my photos without doing any additional clicking.  To get additional content, press the Older Posts link at the bottom.
(4) I have a Facebook page in which I have posted 800+ photos dating from December 2014 to April 2016. I gradually update that with new photos (although it doesn't have the past year's content).

But the best way to get my latest photographic content is always to come right here to this page. 

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