Monday, August 7, 2017

Does This Suggest Spirits Can Read Our Minds?

Today something astonishing happened. I had just woke up, and for some reason I was thinking back on an inexplicable pair of events that had happened previously on Halloween.  The events are described in this post written last Halloween. After going to the bathroom a few minutes after waking up, I saw something very strange. A bright light was coming from the back of my Samsung tablet, which was lying against the wall, power-charging. The previous night I had turned off the tablet before plugging it into a power-strip so it could power-charge.  I had not yet touched the Samsung tablet since waking up, and I had not come within a meter of it.  I had passed by the Samsung tablet when going to the bathroom, and had not noticed the bright light shining (it probably turned on after I passed by it). 

It seems that there is a little square on the back of the tablet that can serve as a flashlight. This flashlight had somehow turned on, even though the tablet device was turned off.  I had no idea there was such a flashlight capability on this device, which I have been using regularly for 7 months. After I saw the light at the back of the tablet shining brightly, I swiped my finger against the surface of the tablet to verify that it was turned off, and then turned it on.

The question is: how could the light at the back of the tablet device have turned on, even though the tablet device was off, and I hadn't touched the device? There is no knob or button that switches on this light.

I researched turning on the flashlight light at the back of the tablet device, a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I could not find any instructions that allowed me to turn back on this light. Some web sites talked about a Torch app or Torch widget you can activate, but I cannot find such a widget or app on my tablet device. (I found some links to apps that can be downloaded, but I haven't downloaded them.) I have never activated the flashlight at the back of the device, and seem to have no way to turn it on again, without downloading additional software.

What is uncanny here is that this inexplicable event occurred within a few minutes after I was thinking about a previous inexplicable event, the Halloween event reported in this post.  The synchronicity here is interesting.

Here is an interesting hypothesis: there may be spirits who can read our minds, and one such spirit may have been reading my mind when I was thinking back on the spooky Halloween incident (involving a possible spirit sign); at that moment such a spirit may have chose to turn on the flashlight at the back of my tablet device, while the machine was turned off -- perhaps kind of signalling, "Yes, we really can send you signs."

It reminds me of an event that previously happened, on January 6, 2016. I was working on the sofa when suddenly a light turned on, a light on a table about a meter from me. The light was directly plugged into the wall, and is the type of light that can only turn on if you press a switch that makes a very distinct click sound. After turning the light off, and then trying to turn it back on, I then found the bulb had burnt out. It's easy to explain a light turning off when a bulb burns out, but how do you explain a light turning on when the bulb burns out? I have used the light (a lamp) and both parts of the electrical outlet in question without any problem during the entire 19 months since this occurred, so "faulty wiring" will not work as an explanation.

This year 15 different times an electric toothbrush of mine turned on when I wasn't touching it. Is there some "gentle poltergeist" at work here?

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