Friday, August 11, 2017

Giant Orb Over Sacred Mountain?

A post today on the Mysterious Universe site is entitled, "Giant Orb Hovers Over Sacred Mountain in British Columbia."  The post has an impressive-looking video that seems to show a very bright moving orb.

The post links to the original story here at a local new source called the Squamish Chief.  Someone named David Palachik has added this comment to the story:

As the Head of Investigations for Mufon Canada I can state that this footage has been authenticated as actual footage of an ORB. It is not a helicopter or plane, not a sky lantern of flare, not ET in a craft nor has it been created to perpetrate a hoax. Using forensic video analysis software and analyzing each frame shows the intensity of the light, the size and speed, all of which will be posted in an official Mufon report at its conclusion.

I would like to include a link to the video, but my policy on this site is to only show photos and videos I have taken myself. That way I can be sure that every single photo and video shown on this site is completely authentic.

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