Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Pressing Poltergeist?

Besides endless astonishing cases of orb activity that I've photographically documented on this blog, I also documented non-photographically an interesting set of events that range from the strange to the inexplicable. As posted in this series of posts, these events have included:

(1) Eleven cases of the flashlight on the back of my Samsung tablet device turning on even though the tablet was turned off (I know of no way to turn on the flashlight at the back of the tablet when the tablet is turned off).
(2) Fifteen cases of an electric toothbrush turning on mysteriously when I was far away from it, and no one else was touching it.
(3) Four cases of a toilet flushing by itself, twice on October 31, 2016, and twice on October 21, 2017 (the toilet is a type with no tank and no float, the two things needed for naturally occurring "ghost flushing," and the toilet requires a very firm hand movement to flush).
(4) One case of a lamp turning on by itself  many months ago (the lamp is a very sturdy type of lamp that was directly plugged into the wall, and the lamp requires a firm press of a switch to turn on).  The lamp and socket have worked flawlessly since then.
(5) One case of a bathroom light turning off as I approached the small bathroom. I saw no one exit the bathroom or inside the bathroom, and checked whether the bulb had burned out, finding that the light could still be turned on.

Yesterday I lay on my couch, and for some reason said aloud something like, "It would be nice to get another one of those spooky signs like the light turning on by itself."  About 10 or 20 seconds later I heard a loud thud coming from what seemed to be the building roof above me. But that could have been just one of those "contraction noises" that old buildings sometimes make by themselves.

Later in the day something inexplicable happened. I was sitting on my couch, alone in my apartment, using my computer, while the television was on. Suddenly I look up from my computer and see on the TV some control screen I had never seen before, a screen for modifying the sharpness of the TV image. I had no idea that such a screen could be brought up on my TV.  Below is the screen, which I'll call the Sharpness Control Screen.

I later found that this Sharpness Control Screen could be brought up using a black remote that was 3 feet away from me when I first saw the Sharpness Control Screen, lying face up on the same sofa I sat on, looking just like this:

But this Sharpness Control Screen was what is called a deeply nested screen. That means you can't get the screen by merely pressing a single button on the remote. You have to press a long series of buttons.

Here is the sequence of button presses needed for someone to bring up the Sharpness Control Screen:

(1) First you have to press a Menu button on the remote to bring up this screen.

(2) Then you have to press a "Down" button three different times to move from "Photo" on this menu to "Settings" on this menu.

(3) Then you have to press the "Enter" button on the remote to get the screen shown below

(4) Then you have to press the "Enter" button  again so the screen looks like this:

(5) Then you have to press the "Down" button 7 times so the screen looks like this:

(6) Then you have to press the "Enter" button to get the Sharpness Control Screen that I saw:

I certainly did not press any of these buttons to bring up the Sharpness Control Screen that I first saw. I simply noticed this Sharpness Control Screen up on the TV when I looked up after doing some work on the computer. The remote that can you can use to bring up this screen was three feet away from me. There's no other way to bring up this screen, except by using the remote.

We can't explain that Sharpness Control Screen popping up by assuming that there was some freak reason why a single button on the remote got pressed while it was three feet away from me. To get this Sharpness Control Screen using the remote you have to press different parts of the remote 14 different times.

The unexpected appearance of this Sharpness Control Screen is therefore a strange mystery I can't explain.  I've been using the TV for 8 years, and never had one of the TV control screens pop up when I wasn't touching the remote.  The TV has no Internet capability, so we can't explain  this by assuming hacker mischief.

As a case of possible paranormal activity, I find this much more impressive than a light turning on by itself. A light turning on by itself requires a single press of a light switch, but in this case 14 different presses of the remote were required to bring up this Sharpness Control Screen.

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