Saturday, November 26, 2016

Andrea's Orb Veils

I discovered today that the Facebook page of Andrea Corsick has many astonishingly beautiful and colorful photos of the strange objects I call orb veils.  Her photos can be accessed here (you will have to login to Facebook first).  I've added her site to my list of 38 sites or pages showing orb photos and other paranormal photos, which you can access here.

I've been photographing these strange orb veil objects for nearly two years, and it's remarkable to see how similar some of Andrea's photos are to mine, such as the polygons with lots of spiky edges, and the frequent occurrence of orange colors.  In this photo, for example, she shows veil-like objects with circular spots and stripe features just like those I have photographed myself (for example, in this subset). She also has some examples of striped orbs (for example, here) -- something I get in great abundance.

Another photographer on Facebook (Diana Davatgar) has a photo of a spiky-edged orb veil you can see here

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