Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Colorful Orb Swarm

Photo date: March 10, 2017. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

The photo below shows an extremely colorful swarm of orbs I photographed near a building in midtown Manhattan. We see colors of purple, orange, blue, yellow, and green.

orb swarm
Below is a closeup showing a strange orb that is half purple and half green. See here for lots of other greenish-purple sky orbs I have photographed.

 On the left is the photo I took a few seconds before taking the top photo, and on the right is the photo I took a few seconds after taking the top photo.  Clearly the top photo was not caused by something like dust, which you would see in one of the photos below.

There was no fog, mist, rain or precipitation on this night. The air quality listed on was "good," with a level of 37. The pollen count listed on was low, with a level of 0.7.

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