Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Second "Orb Twin" Appeared 8 Hours After the First

The photos below show two mysterious orbs I photographed on September 18, 2017.  The first one I photographed in the Queens area of New York City, and the second one I photographed in Grand Central Terminal in New York. Note the astonishing similarity. In both orbs we see a letter "H" in which the right "leg" of the H is curving to the right.  In between taking these photos I took many other photos which showed no orbs and no such "H."

orb twin

This is the second day on which I have photographed two mysterious orbs both having the same exact same stripe pattern, one that looked like a letter of the alphabet.  The previous time this happened was on September 5, 2017, as recorded in this post.  On that day I got the two orbs shown below, both having a "T" shape inside them.

orb pattern

Such cases (in which the exact same very distinctive orb pattern is repeated on the same day) seem to be a dramatic new wrinkle in the ever-more-astonishing orb phenomenon. It is rather hard not to interpret such cases as being a signalling effect involving some external unfathomable intelligence.

The repeated "H" pattern is one of of 23 recurring patterns I have noticed in mysterious orbs I have photographed. The grid below summarizes each of these patterns, and how many times each have been photographed. Click here to see multiple examples of each of these patterns.

spirit orbs

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