Friday, August 3, 2018

Orbs Seen During Alien Abductions?

While watching the Ancient Aliens TV show, I heard journalist Linda Moulton Howe say that she had interviewed a vast number of people who claimed to have experienced something like an "alien abduction." She said there were common characteristics, and one of them was seeing orbs of light.

I did a Google search on the topic, and found this interesting page detailing a careful study of people who claimed experiences like "alien abductions."   We read the following, which uses ETs to mean extraterrestrials:

"88% of the abduction experiencers reported that they had witnessed paranormal activity in their homes, including light orbs that dart or float through the air. Sometimes the orbs pop like a bubble into 1-3 ETs. Many reported poltergeist activity such as household items flying through the air, pictures flying off walls, lights turning off and on, windows opening and closing, doors opening and closing and toilets flushing on their own."

I've photographed thousands of orbs, and I have also experienced many inexplicable events around the home, such as reported here.  Could an alien abduction be in my future? All I can say is: it hasn't happened yet. 

Below is a striped sky orb that I photographed this week, on a dry night with no fog, mist, rain or precipitation:

striped sky orb

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