Saturday, March 16, 2019

Her Superb Orb Photos

I've discovered a huge repository of impressive orb photos taken by Marion Atehsa Cyrus.  The best way to see hundreds of her photos is to (1) log into Facebook; (2) use this link;  (3) click on Photos, and scroll down; (4) click on one of the photos at the top, and then keep pressing the > button at the right of each photo to see more photos.   I consider her collection one of the top five collections of orb photos anywhere on the Internet.

The Facebook search string is: Orbs-videos von atehsa

Among the things I notice in her collection are the following:

(1) Very many of what I call orb veils.
(2) Very many orbs with holes, which I also get abundantly.
(3) A very high number of orbs with what looks kind of like a nucleus (or a ringed nucleus) in their center. I don't get that effect very often.
(4) Quite a few orbs with colored stripes or dark stripes (I also get striped orbs abundantly).
(5) Some examples of speeding orbs.
(6) An incredible variety of orb colors.

Marion is the author of two books on orbs. Since Marion gets an extremely high degree of repetition of her distinctive "nucleus" pattern, which shows up in 50+ of her photos, her collection provides further dramatic evidence for the phenomenon of repeating patterns in mysterious orbs (also shown very strongly in this set of photos I have taken).

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