Friday, October 18, 2019

Spooky Camera Acted As If Spirit-Controlled

The Sony A6000 camera has a Mode Dial at the top. By turning  the Mode Dial with your finger, you can bring up different menu screens. Below is a video showing what I observed on October 1. No one is touching the camera. But the camera is somehow switching back and forth between different Mode Dial settings.  Because of low lighting, you cannot clearly see the Mode Dial in the video. But the physical setting of the Mode Dial must have been switching each time the screen changes in the video below. This is a physical movement very much like the "channel dial" movement that you made to change channels on a TV set decades ago, before TV sets had remote controls.

What we see here is something every bit as spooky as it would have been back in 1960 if you turned on your TV (before there were any remote controls), and saw your TV switching between different channels, even though no one was touching the TV set. There is no way to change the Mode Dial of the Sony A6000 through any type of remote control or wifi or electronics. The only way to change the Mode Dial setting is by exertion of a physical force similar to switching a knob on a lamp or changing a TV channel on an old-fashioned TV.

See here for another video of the camera acting in a similar way.  See here for a video of the same camera taking 300 flash photos by itself, when no one was touching it, in 13 separate bursts of activity. 

I have in recent weeks seen the same camera more than seven times take photos by itself, when I was three meters from the camera, and no kind of "delayed photo" setting was in effect.  During this time the Sony A6000 camera was set in Sports Action mode, and while this camera is in such a mode, it is actually impossible to use any "delayed photo" option by which the camera fires after an interval. 

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