Saturday, June 20, 2020

Deep Indentations

Photo date: June 15, 2020. Photographer: Mark Mahin. 

I took the photos below while photographing only ordinary drops of pure, clean water falling in front of a black featureless background.  On this day one of several dramatic patterns I got was one that looked like the orb notches that appeared the previous day (June 14), except that this day's notches were even deeper.  The orb notches appeared in almost all of 2000+ consecutive photos, with a total of more than 5000 such orb notches appearing, always on the bottom right of an orb. Below are some examples.

mysterious pattern

mysterious effect

mysterious occurrence

paranormal effect

paranormal notches

paranormal indentations

paranormal repetition

paranormal holes

paranormal repeats

mystifying effect

supernatural effect

water drop photography anomaly

repeating pattern in water drops

inexplicable repetition

parapsychology anomaly

supernatural event

water drop mystery

water drop photography

anomaly in falling water drops

iexplicable effect

inexplicable mystery

inexplicable pattern during water drop photography

unexplained pattern

motif in falling water drops

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