Sunday, June 14, 2020

Another Spooky Camera Incident

A previous camera of mine would sometimes act as if some spirit force was independently operating it. Quite a few times I would see the camera take a photo by itself, when I was a few meters away from the camera. In the post here you can see a video showing the camera taking 300 photos by itself, in 13 separate bursts.  In the post here you can see the camera changing its settings by itself.

I have a new Sony A6100 camera because my previous model stopped working about two weeks ago. Today I again saw a case of a camera acting as if some invisible force was controlling it. After I took thousands of photos of falling water drops using a digital zoom of 1.9375,  the digital zoom on the camera starting changing, just as if someone was turning the lens (even though I wasn't touching it).   When I examined the photos, I saw the progression below occurred in a series of consecutive photos, even though I did nothing to cause it.

Photo    Digital Zoom 
DSC08291   1.8125     
DSC08292   1.75       
DSC08293   1.6875     
DSC08294   1.5625     
DSC08295   1.5         
DSC08296   1.4375     
DSC08297   1.375       
DSC08298   1.3125       
DSC08299   1.25         
DSC08300   1.1875       
DSC08301   1.125       
DSC08302   1.0625     
DSC08303   1     

I had to twist the camera lens to restore the previous digital zoom of 1.9375.

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