Saturday, February 27, 2021

"Little Hole Below Big Hole" Pattern Persisted Through 2000+ Photos

 Photo date: February 25, 2021. Photographer: Mark Mahin.   

I took the photos below while photographing only ordinary drops of pure, clean water falling in front of a black featureless background.  We see a pattern consisting of a small hole or circle shape underneath a large hole. Such a pattern persisted through most of 2000+ photos.  

mysterious pattern

orb pattern

paranormal pattern

orange orb with big hole

orb pattern repetition

paranormal motif

orb two-part pattern

mystifying pattern

supernatural pattern

bizarre pattern

gradient color orb with hole

preternatural pattern

water drop pattern

inexplicable water drops

orbs with big hole and small hole

design in water drops

water drop manifestation

paranormal manifestation

spooky manifestation

paranormal manifestation

motif manifestation

orb manifestation

water drop motif

water pattern

water drop pattern

orbs with holes

orb motif

colorfful orb pattern

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