Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Striped Orb Appears Just After I Asked for a Striped Orb

Photo date:July 26, 2016. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

Orbs do not have any general tendency to appear upon command, so it's very rare for me to audibly request an orb. But just occasionally I notice an astonishing case in which an orb appears just after I request one -- sometimes with the characteristics or position matching what I asked for (as in these cases and this case). Just before taking the photo below, I said aloud something like, "How about a nice striped orb?"  In the very next photo I took, a striped orb did appear.

striped orb
This is my 90th published example of a striped orb (see here for other examples, many of which show stripes like this one, a big thick stripe stretching from one side of the orb to the other).

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