Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Flag and the Freaky Floaters

Photo date: July 28, 2016. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

The photos below were taken in Grand Central Terminal in New York. We see two orbs near a US flag in the station.

The lower orb has a strange eye-like feature. Below is a closeup of the green orb.  The line at the bottom of the orb isn't a feature of the orb -- we are merely seeing a line from the background. But the curved stripe at the top of the orb is not part of the background. 

striped orb
As well as photographing 90+ cases of striped orbs (as shown here), I have ten times previously photographed orbs with a "triple stripe" like the one we see above -- in which a thick line is flanked by a thin line with the same shape, above it and below it (see here for examples).

In fact, the orb stripe here is pretty much a  "dead ringer" for the orb stripe shown below, which I posted on July 20, in this post.

striped orb
See here for three other examples of two striped orbs with similar-looking stripes.

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