Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ten Position States of the Speeding Orb

Photo date: February 27, 2017. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

We see below a mysterious speeding orb I photographed last night in Grand Central Terminal. We see once again the "string of pearls" effect I have many times photographed, in which we seem to see multiple position states of an object speeding fast. In this case you can count at least 10 individual orb position states that the camera has captured.

speeding orb
There is simply nothing known to man that moves like this. It can't be a bird, an insect, or a dust speck, because such things don't move in so convoluted a path.  Nor can it be a hair, which would never have this kind of W-shape. Throw hair and dust in front of your camera all day long, and take pictures; and you will never get a photo that looks like this.  Based on the length and the number of position states, I estimate this orb was moving at hundreds of miles an hour.

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