Friday, May 17, 2019

She Says an Orb Flew Into Her Chest When Her Grandma Died

I've been reading some remarkable accounts at the sites and  For example, in this account a man reports having a cardiac arrest that put him in a coma for several days. He says,  "The bass player and the singer both agreed, though, that at the time of my collapse, they saw my spirit rise up out of my body." Similarly, this account states, "I was shocked to see a mist leave from his head, which instantly turned into an exact duplicate of his body," and in  this account a man says his wife "witnessed a mist-like substance leaving the head of a patient who died." Similarly, in this account someone states, "Momma said she actually saw a thin white mist rise above the bed" when someone died in her arms.

In this remarkable account, reported only this month, a woman reports seeing and feeling an orb at the time of her grandmother's death:

"I was on a camping trip, down by the Columbia River. I was asleep, and was awoken, around 5 in the morning. I was on my back, looking straight up at the ceiling and noticed I couldn't move. But, I wasn't scared at all. Suddenly,  a bright orb of light came down, through the ceiling and flew into my chest. My vision was filled with the brightest, whitest light I have ever seen, but it didn't bother me. As soon as the orb entered my chest, I knew it was my grandmother Cecilia, she was speaking to me, inside my mind. She came to tell me goodbye, and to tell me everything was going to be all right, and she loved me. Then she shot back out of my chest, and back up through the ceiling, and I could move again. I woke my boyfriend up, and told him, my Grandma just died. And he laughed and said, no, go back to sleep it was just a dream. Later that morning about, around 8 in the morning, my brother in law, came and found where we were camping, and told me my grandma had died early that morning, and I said yeah I already knew."

This is the latest example of someone "ghost-told" of a death. I have collected 100 such cases from the literature of paranormal phenomena.  In a very large fraction of these cases, someone sees an apparition on the same day of someone's death, and becomes convinced that such a person has died, and soon finds out later that the person did die on that day, often far away.  You can read about 100 such cases below:

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