Sunday, May 15, 2016

Orb Veils: Weird Wispy Wonders

Below is a video I have created showing many photos of the strange things I call orb veils. Often appearing with a size as large as 4 or 5 inches, and often appearing in strange, congruent stacks, these weird veil-like objects have 18 varieties of shapes (as shown here).  All of the photos were taken while I was photographing ordinary water drops falling against a dark background.  I have no idea what these strange orb veils are, and they look nothing like the water drops I was photographing. It is as if some weird energy is somehow appearing.

I suggest watching the video in full-screen mode by clicking on the icon on the bottom right.

What is exceptionally strange about these orb veils is that they will not appear at all on the great majority of days I photograph water drops, but then on some days they will appear quite frequently.  I may see zero orb veils during each of eight consecutive sessions photographing falling water drops, but then the next day (following the same photographic procedure) I may photograph lots of these orb veils, in all kinds of fascinating varieties. 

Below is a photo of an orb veil from May 7, 2016.

orb veil
See here for why attempts to explain these objects don't work.

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