Saturday, October 22, 2016

Recurring Motif: The 5th Time I've Seen This "Inverted Y" Pattern in a Mysterious Orb

Photo date: October 20,  2016. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

The photo below shows an orb I photographed indoors. We see an upside-down Y pattern in the orb.

striped orb
This is the fifth time I have photographed this upside-down Y pattern. Below are four previous orbs I photographed with the same pattern, as reported here:

striped orbs
I am seeing the most dramatic phenomenon of recurring motifs in the orbs I photograph. See here for about 10 other examples in which we see the same very distinctive markings repeated between 2 and 6 times in different orbs.

The inverted Y we see here resembles the lowercase version of the "lambda" letter in the Greek alphabet. Cosmologists use that symbol to represent the cosmological constant, one of the key determinants of cosmic order.

The photos taken here were only 5 of hundreds of photos I took during a two-month period, and the symbol above appeared only in these 5 photos scattered among those hundreds. After each photo was taken, there were dozens of other photos that showed no such symbol.

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