Sunday, August 21, 2016

Flying Insects Look Nothing Like Speeding Orbs

This site has nearly 400 photos of speeding orbs, which you can see here (or  click here to see a composite image of 48 speeding orbs).  There are various ways in which skeptics try to explain away such photos, but none of them are successful, for the reasons discussed here.  One particularly lame attempt to explain away photos of speeding orbs is to claim they are insects. This explanation doesn't work because insects don't move fast,  are not circular-shaped, are not bright, and don't have some of the colors seen in speeding orbs, such as pink and blue.  I've taken hundreds of photos of speeding orbs in Grand Central Terminal in New York, a place where I've only observed an insect one time in the many hours I've been there. Insects have wings you can see in the photos, and speeding orbs do not.

The photo below (taken on August 20, 2016) shows a flying insect I photographed last night (apparently a moth).  As you can see, it looks nothing like a speeding orb.

night photo of insect

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