Thursday, July 30, 2020

1000 Orbs with the Same Indentation

Photo date: July 28, 2020. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

I took the photos below while photographing only ordinary drops of pure, clean water falling in front of a black featureless background.  On this day (among other patterns) I got a pattern consisting of 1000+ orbs with the same indentation, which you can see below.  The indentation pattern persisted through almost all of hundreds of consecutive photos.

orb indentation pattern

orb indentation

indented orbs and orb veils

orange orb and orange orb veil

orb motif recurrence

unexpected orb photo

notches in orbs

orb indentation repetition

orb motif repetition

orb pattern repetition

paranormal repetition

paranormal repeats

paranormal pattern repetition

orb notches

recurring orb motif

recurring orb pattern

orb motif repetition

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