Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Frequency of Orb Colors

The graph below shows how often different orb colors have appeared in my photos. I made the graph below by using the numbers in the Labels section of this blog. For example, for the number of blue orbs, I used the number of 672, because I have 672 posts which have the "blue air orb" label. 

frequency of orb colors
I have published over 1000 photos showing orbs with colors other than white. Such colors are inexplicable under assumptions that orbs are caused by natural factors, for the reasons discussed here.

The photo below shows how colorless are dust orbs, which never appear under common natural conditions because natural suspended dust particles are too small. In this case I created the dust orbs through the utterly unnatural technique of squeezing a dust-filled cloth in front of the camera. As we can see, the resulting dust orbs are colorless, featureless, dim, and with blurry edges. Contrast these with the orbs shown on this site, which are so often colorful, bright, and with sharp edges and face-like details or stripes or  outer rings.

dust orbs

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