Saturday, September 17, 2016

Triple Alignment of the Blue Orbs

Photo date: September 15, 2016. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

I took the photo below at Grand Central Terminal in New York. We see three alignments here. The top orb is aligned to the bottom orb; the top orb is aligned to an architectural line; and the bottom orb is also aligned to an architectural line. I have long noticed a tendency for orbs to align to architectural lines at this location. I don't see most orbs aligning in such a way, but I do see alignments occurring much more often than I would expect to see by chance (see here for 140+ examples). Accentuating the weirdness is a big stripe on the top orb; it is the 130th striped orb I have photographed in the air. I am seeing such stripes appearing more and more often in my photos of orbs (as you can see here).

blue orbs

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