Sunday, February 2, 2020

My Home Page Is Now Richly Visual

On my site I have links to various blogs, photo collections, videos and books I have produced.  I realized today there was a shortcoming of the previous page design: even though there were links to several different slideshows and photo collections (such as my Facebook photo colleciton and my Instagram photo collection), there was no interesting visual on the page.  I imagined a "too lazy to click" person reaching the page, taking a quick glimpse, and saying, "I don't see any interesting photos here." So I updated the main page to have an automatically running slideshow showing about 100 of my most interesting photos. You can see it by going to and scrolling or swiping to get to the bottom of the page.

Incidentally, for page-loading-time reasons I have split up my "Massively Repeating Orb Motifs Arising from Falling Water" post into two posts accessible from the "Key Posts" list at the top right of each page of this blog.

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