Friday, February 7, 2020

4000 Orb Holes, All in the Right Middle

Photo date: February 5, 2020. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

I took the photos below while photographing only ordinary drops of pure, clean water falling in front of a black featureless background. On this day I got about 4000 orb holes in a series of about 800 consecutive photos. Every single one of the holes was on the right middle of an orb.  This reminds me of the Beatles song "A Day in the Life," which had a line about "4000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire."  In the song "they had to count them all," but luckily I didn't have to count all of these holes.

gradient color orb

orb hole positional bias

orb recurring pattern

recurrence anomaly

weird recurrence

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