Monday, February 3, 2020

Mysterious Appearances

On August 30, 2018, I saw something very astonishing. I will quote from my post which described the event (a post I wrote in August, 2018):

"The next day something equally strange happened. I was sitting at the top of an apartment stairway, tying my shoes, when suddenly I heard a set of keys falling down the stairs, just as if they had fallen from my body. I assumed that they must have been my apartment keys, and that they had somehow fallen out of my pocket. When I walked down the stairs to get the keys, I found a set of keys I had never seen before. They were not my apartment keys, which were still in my pocket. No one else was in the stairway."

There was something very strange about one of these mysteriously appearing keys, something I didn't mention in the original post, because it seemed irrelevant. One of the keys was very sticky, and had a hair stuck to it. Such a thing deepens the mystery of these keys, as it helps to discredit any natural theory involving the keys. We can hardly imagine someone carrying around some very sticky keys with a hair attached to it, and then dropping such keys at the top of the stairway (without me noticing them when I sat down there at the top of the stairwell).  If one of your keys had somehow got very sticky, you would have cleaned or replaced the key as soon as you noticed that it was all sticky.  I am sure about one of the keys being sticky with a hair attached to it, because I still have these keys that  seemed to appear out of nowhere in such an astonishing way.

What is also astonishing is that in the past few months I have 24 different times suddenly noticed a very long detached hair on my body, typically in my hand. In each of these cases I was either in a room by myself with the door closed or at least 20 feet away from any other person, in places with an average cleanliness.  Each of these hairs was much longer than my own hair at the time. The average length of these 24 mysterious hairs was about 14 inches, and my hair is short, never longer than about 7 inches (it's now only about 3 inches long).

I might consider the 2018 mysterious appearance of keys (with a hair attached to one of the keys) as a kind of harbinger of this strange series of 24 long hairs seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

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