Monday, February 10, 2020

The Fifth Occurrence of the "E Minus" Orb Pattern

At the bottom of the grid below, we see the latest occurrence of what I call the "E minus" orb pattern. I took all of these photos on the days shown in the grid.  I did not get such a pattern on any of the days not listed.

mysterious orb repeating pattern

This is the 35th repeating pattern I have noticed in mysterious orbs I photographed in dry clean air. The visual below shows each of these patterns, and how often I have photographed them. Multiple examples of each of the patterns can be seen at this post.  An entirely different set of repeating patterns (numbering greater than 100)  is the set of massively repeating patterns I have seen while photographing falling water drops. Examples of those patterns can be seen in this post and this post.

spirit orb repeating pattern

In the photo below, one I took on February 4, 2020, we see a half-occurrence of the "E Minus" orb pattern.  I won't count this as the sixth occurrence of the pattern, because you cannot see the "minus sign" part of the pattern.

mysterious orbs

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