Monday, February 22, 2016

Ghostly Gushes of the Spooky Set

Photo date: February 16, 2016. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

I have recently been taking an incredibly strange series of photos that show a very weird set of transformations of the light from my TV set. You can see dozens of previous photos of this type by looking at this very astonishing series of photos. Below are some more authentic examples.

 The first photo shows light seeming to pour out of the TV.

The next photo shows this phenomenon more dramatically.

I also got lots of photos like this one on this night.

rising light
The photo below might be described with the caption "Oops, the colors dripped off of my TV."

dripping colors
Now for the grand finale. The light from the TV protrudes way out from the TV and heads toward my carpet. Ditto for the light rays from the cable box clock and the alarm clock, which "land" on the carpet..

protruding light
The photos were flash photos with an exposure time of 1/30 of a second, using normal camera settings (no "Night photo" setting).

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