Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Another Camera Failure

When the flash on my Sony A5000 camera failed years ago, I had to upgrade to a Sony A6000, which has a camera flash shoe which you can use to replace the flash if the flash ever fails.  Recently my Sony A6000 failed catastrophically, just while I was getting some great photos of orbs with three big holes. I got the error message below:

Sadly, there is no way to recover from this error, which won't go away if you turn the camera on and off, or pull the battery out.  The "shutter window" is closed, and it won't open. My Sony A6000 camera is now broken, and I don't feel like spending maybe $300 to have it fixed, when the same error could occur again. If anyone has ever successfully recovered from this error, please email me with how you did it.

So I've had to buy the successor to the Sony A6000, the new Sony A6100. This has an electronic shutter that may allow me to avoid the above error.  Such camera expenditures are why I've never made a penny of profit from my photos of the paranormal.  The small revenue from my books doesn't come close to meeting my photography expenses.  But I'm not complaining. I've never been in this activity for financial profit.

Below is the first Sony A6100 photo I've published, showing what looks like exclamation marks in orbs. I'm pleased that I can get this kind of photo even with a new camera model.

symbol in orb

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