Thursday, January 23, 2020

A 38-Minute Video of My Camera Viewfinder When I Photographed Repeating Orb Patterns

Below is a new video showing many clips of my camera viewfinder while I photographed ordinary drops of pure, clean water falling.  Astonishingly, you can see many inexplicable repeating orb patterns dramatically appearing in the camera viewfinder.  A video like this helps to authenticate some of the photos I have recently been publishing.  There's no way to fake what is shown in the viewfinder of a camera such as the Sony A6000 camera and Sony A6100 camera I used. The camera viewfinder can only show what is in front of the camera.

The video shows me photographing repeating orb patterns like the one shown below.

Below is the video:

You can use the link here to open in a separate tab.

About ten times in the latter part of this video, I raise the point-and-click camera (used to take this video) to a position above the plastic bin I use to catch water drops, to show that only pure, clean water was photographed.  With my normal monitor brightness, I found it hard to see my splashing of the water in this plastic bin. But when I temporarily turned my monitor up to maximum brightness, and used full-screen mode by clicking on the icon on the bottom right, I was able to see that part of the video clearly enough.  The average viewer will not need to bother with such a thing, and 98% of the video can be seen fine with any monitor brightness.

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