Monday, April 13, 2020

Night of the Poltergeist?

Last night I woke up about 3:00 AM for no particular reason. Soon thereafter I heard a loud crashing sound coming from my kitchen. I immediately went to investigate, and found that a large bottle of grape juice (completely filled with grape juice) had overturned. The bottle had been upright on the floor, about two meters from a window. The bottle was now lying on its side.  There seemed to be no unusual wind when this occurred (although by 11:00 AM I am in the middle of a windy day). A graph of the local wind speeds on this day shows that today's high winds did not start until about 8 AM, and that the wind was normal about 3 AM.

I can imagine nothing that could have caused this event. When filled, a bottle of this size (shown below)  has significant inertia, and you can't even cause it to turn over if you give it a quick slap.  A mouse jumping on the bottle would certainly not cause it to overturn. I doubt whether even a rat jumping on the bottle would cause it to overturn, and there has never been a rat, a cat or a dog in my apartment.  I heard no noise suggesting any animal moving about.

This morning something else strange was reported by someone else in the apartment (before I had mentioned anything about this grape juice bottle). The report was that two or three times a bedroom door that had been closed had mysteriously been found opened.  The door is the type that requires a turn of the door knob for the door to be opened once the door has closed. The front door was locked with the chain latch still on, so none of these incidents can be explained by an intruder.

I have no proof for an account such as this, although I have twice published videos showing just-as-anomalous things happening, specifically the videos here and here. The latter one shows my camera taking about 300 photos by itself in 13 separate photo bursts, when no one was touching the camera.

The incidents described are only the latest in a very long series of similar incidents I have observed,  collectively suggesting signs of some invisible force or presence. I have a long account compiling the most interesting of these incidents into a single narrative, which I will publish on this blog in a day or two.

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