Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Orbs Near Crop Circles?

This morning I was told that someone had seen a green orb and then photographed it.  Tonight I read of another case of someone seeing a mysterious orb with the naked eye. In the book Opening Minds by Simeon Hein PhD, we read the following on page 124:

"Strange things began to happen in my bedroom at night. One time I woke up to see this blue, semi-solid ball of light moving around my room. I closed my eyes, thinking I was making it up. Opening my eyes again, I still saw the ball up towards the ceiling. After a few seconds, it vanished." 

On page 147-149 the author talks about balls of light supposedly seen or photographed near crop circles. On page 149 he states the following about crop circle formations:

"While the balls of light may be dismissed by some as unknown electromagnetic phenomena, they often appear to possess some innate intelligence in their movements. In several of the known 
sightings of these objects, they appear to move deliberately in and out of nearby formations. Whether the balls of light are guided probes or living organisms of some sort remains to be seen."

On page 156 of the book, we read the following:

"The luminous objects seen near crop formations appear to be intelligently controlled. In the case of Steve Alexander’s ball of light, it appeared to explore one formation and then skipped to another nearby. It then caused a tractor to stall for approximately thirty seconds as it passed overhead. The tractor driver said it looked like a glowing beach ball. In the Barbury ’99 formation, the object made an abrupt turn right over the formation and then sped off. In another instance, a group of German tourists witnessed a ball of light make five passes over and through a crop formation. In several cases, some on video tape, military helicopters are seen to approach balls of light over crop formations and attempt to chase them away. In one instance related to me by Colin Andrews, the balls of light appeared to do a dance around two military helicopters before speeding off. "

Anyone scoffing at such an idea should be reminded of the similar sightings of mysterious lights often reported by World War II pilots, who gave them the name "foo fighters," even though they looked nothing like planes.

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