Monday, November 23, 2015

A Poster Showing 49 Orb Faces

The photo below is a composite showing 49 orb faces shown on this site.The process of creating the poster caused a little loss of image detail in some cases. Each orb is part of a particular post on this site. To see each of these orb faces in their full resolution, use this link to see my posts labeled "air orb with face."  Right-click on the image to see it at its full resolution.

orb faces
This is the second such composite image I have done. Below is the first one.

orb faces
To see other composite-image posters showing montages of phenomena shown on this blog, use this link.

When photographed in the air, orb faces have a kind of "face drawn in the sand" appearance. One possible explanation is that they are fleeting manifestations produced by some power that has the ability to slightly manipulate the energy that appears when an orb is photographed. Such a power might have the ability to produce simple faces in orbs, but might not have the power to produce a more detailed image. Of course, such an idea is pure speculation, and I do not understand any more than you the origin of these strange faces that appear in orbs.  I do know that I am not the only one who photographs such faces, as they are also shown at this site and this site.

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