Sunday, November 29, 2015

Orbs Love This Arch

Photo date: November 28, 2015. Photographer: Mark Mahin.

Besides photographing orbs in astonishing abundance in Grand Central Terminal in New York, I also photograph them fairly regularly in the nearby Stephen Schwarzman branch of the New York Public Library (as you can see by looking at this  interesting series of photos).  Recently I have repeatedly photographed orbs near one beautiful arch at this place.

Here is one photo from November 28:

Here is another from the same day:

Here is another from the same day, showing 3 orbs at this spot.

Here is a photo from November 5 showing two orbs in front of this arch.

Below is a closeup of the orb in the second photo (I used the IrfanView "Auto-adjust colors" menu option on the closeup).  We see the outer ring commonly seen in orbs.

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